Agent Tesla. Rendering of graphs and diagrams ...
Agent Tesla  
  Jan. 25, 2024 ∘ 1 days ago
RAT Stealer Trojan

Agent Tesla is a malicious password theft software. Due to the open distribution on the official website under the guise of legal software, it has become widely popular in the cybercriminal environment.

Appeared in 2014, presumably in Turkey.


Activity dynamics 

Malicious infrastructure growth dynamics  

Countries where most part of the malicious infrastructure is located 
Malicious infrastructure map 

Malicious infrastructure rose 

Extensions of captured samples 

May 16, 2022, 8 p.m.

A cybercrime group from Pakistan is conducting a large-scale campaign against residents of the European Union and a number of other countries using malicious Microsoft Office documents and popular stealers and RAT trojans